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What Employees are Saying about Job Satisfaction

Each year the Society for Human Resource Management conducts a survey of employees to find out what factors contribute to their job satisfaction.  In theory, the more satisfied employees are the more engaged they might be and the more they might contribute in work performance.

In 2011, the results revealed that in second place for job satisfaction was “Opportunities to use skills/abilities” and tied for fifth was “The work itself”.   I find this to be extremely interesting.

Overcoming Reluctance for Performance Conversations

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who recently retired after having a decades-long successful career as a manager in the medical field.  We talked about the importance of performance interactions and the pivotal role of the manager. He remarked that his management style was very laid back and his tendency had been to avoid rather than address performance issues.  This style he believed, worked best with the culture of the organization and was a key factor contributing to the high employee retention rates.

Performance in the Workplace: Play like a Super Bowl Contender

With Super Bowl XLV less than a week away, the Steelers and the Packers are no doubt psyched up and full of anticipation to see how their talent and hard work will pay off on the monumental day.  The basics of what makes a player excel remind me of what we, too, can bring to our game at work.  Here are my coaching comments for bringing Super Bowl performance in the workplace.

Viewing Performance through a New Lens

For as long as I can remember, the topic of employee performance in the workplace has fascinated me.  As I look back over my experience in business, I realize that all of the jobs I have held in the past and the work I continue to do now have all been focused on improving employee performance in the workplace.

I’m intrigued now more than ever about employee performance as businesses grapple with the struggles and challenges they face as they learn what business is going to be like in the new normal. So what does it take for a business to continue to improve employee performance and growth in the new normal work place today and maintain that elusive and important competitive advantage?

Right Job, Right Person

Right Job, Right Person

Recently, I participated in a webinar led by Marcus Buckingham, a well-known author and expert on strengths based performance. He spoke about the strong correlation between employee performance and engagement and the importance of providing employees with the opportunity to play to their individual strengths. For me, it reinforced the conviction I have about how essential it is for a business to match the right person with the right job. Without that match, the opportunities to realize superior performance will always be elusive.