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Interact with Impact: Making Performance Conversations Count!

Signature Starfish Workshops provide participants with transformational learning and practice sessions in a group setting focused on performance success in the new business normal. These one to two hour seminars offer suggestions for ways to bring it to life through practice and support

Successful businesses know that outstanding results can only be achieved by people who work together and know how to interact in ways that drive performance. The effectiveness of these daily interactions about performance is a key ingredient to their success.

This program teaches participants a new way to confidently interact with people about performance and get remarkable results in the new business normal.  Participants will be introduced to a new approach called “Interact with Impact” which will show them how to overcome obstacles and engage in those performance conversations that count.  Throughout this interactive program, participants will also learn to develop a new style that really works in today’s business world and that will transform them personally.

Participants will come away equipped to face any situation related to people performance with confidence and prepared to incorporate a new style that will transform them for success in the new business normal.

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