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Staying Present During People Performance Interactions

One of the most visible ways that people get work accomplished is through interactions with other people. As mangers, most of us participate in these performance related conversations on a regular basis. Our effectiveness during these interactions plays an enormous role in our success as managers in the new business normal.

Interactions related to work performance can occur on an informal basis, such as a quick telephone conversation with an employee about a work-related question.  They can also occur on a more formal, structured level such as one-on-one meetings to discuss projects, goals, problems, new assignments, and an endless list of other potential topics.

Overcoming Reluctance for Performance Conversations

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who recently retired after having a decades-long successful career as a manager in the medical field.  We talked about the importance of performance interactions and the pivotal role of the manager. He remarked that his management style was very laid back and his tendency had been to avoid rather than address performance issues.  This style he believed, worked best with the culture of the organization and was a key factor contributing to the high employee retention rates.