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Biography of Terry Crow

Terry Crow is an expert at teaching people how to turn their potential into performance, and working with businesses to help them create high performance work environments.   She is the founder and driving force behind Starfish Performance Consultants, a business dedicated to preparing and inspiring people to deliver their best at work so they can achieve remarkable results that benefit themselves and the business.

Prior to launching Starfish, Terry spent over twenty years in management positions, all related in some way to people performance.  During that time she was promoted frequently and managed multiple corporate and regional functions, including compensation, human resources, mergers and acquisitions, and planning and development. She has expert knowledge and experience in the areas of performance management, compensation and rewards, talent management, strategic consulting, organizational development and training.

Terry made the decision to start Starfish Performance Consultants after realizing that fundamental changes had occurred in the workplace, and that most leaders and other professionals were not equipped for success in this dramatically changed business landscape. Drawing on her vast management experience and armed with her vision of the future, Terry founded Starfish Performance Consultants to help individuals and businesses tap into the potential of people and maximize performance in this constantly evolving new normal workplace.

Since she founded Starfish Performance Consultants, Terry has been implementing her vision by offering products and services that help people achieve their best individual potential, and that assist businesses in cultivating high performance workplaces.

Terry holds an MBA from Virginia Tech, and she is certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional, the highest possible level of certification.

The key is to start where we are and move forward, knowing that confidence and competence are increased through action.   Through these small but intentional actions, we can make meaningful progress that moves us toward our loftiest goals and aspirations.  This strategy applies to both individuals and businesses, and describes the essence of sustainable performance.

— Terry Crow