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Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles offered at Starfish Performance Consultants focus on improving performance through personal transformation by capitalizing on the unique and powerful benefits provided through group interaction and support.    Through the study and application of the Path to Performance, coaching circles provide opportunities for learning, practice and support that are unmatched for cultivating personal growth and effectiveness.

Coaching circles are ideal for those forward thinking professionals who are ready to take their performance to new levels using the support of a group. They are designed for those who embrace the realities of the new business normal and are open to new approaches to getting better results.

Participants “ripe” for this type of commitment typically include:

  • All levels of leaders, managers, supervisors, and business owners
  • HR Professionals who are leaders themselves and who provide support to other leaders and employees about people performance
  • Anyone who has responsibility for the results or outcomes of other people
  • Anyone who has regular interactions with people about performance

Different options are available for joining a coaching circle of your choice based on your interests and needs.  All of the coaching circles are led by Terry Crow, the founder of Starfish Performance Consultants.

Three Month Coaching Circles

These coaching circles are available for those who are eager to get started right away and are interested in a ninety day option to begin their journeys. Advances in neuroscience are confirming how our brain begins to change in the first few months as we intentionally and deliberately change our thinking and behavior to acquire new ways.  This option offers transformational learning, deliberate practice and group support during this intentional, focused, ninety day period.

Features of Three Month Coaching Circles

Four In-Depth Coaching Circle meetings:  During these focused, structured meetings you will gather with others in your coaching circle and delve into the Path to Performance.  You will be given ongoing opportunities for deep learning, deliberate practice and group interaction as you reap the benefits available through the journey with “the tribe”.

Complete Access to Foundational Content for the Path to Performance:  You will be provided with the most current and detailed information and materials available related to the Path to Performance.  This includes content for the Path to Performance and other pertinent materials you will need to develop your own individual plan of accountability for putting what you learn into action.

Coaching Circle Group Accountability:  An essential feature of the Coaching Circle is that of accountability to oneself and to the group. Wise people know that even when we desire to make positive changes, we almost always need the help and support of others along the way to stay on our course of action.  You will have the opportunity to make commitments to yourself and to complete outside assignments to fulfill those commitments. You will then get the chance take your discoveries back to the group for their supportive input and suggestions.

Exclusive Access to Online Coaching Circle Forum:   Outside of the coaching circle gatherings , you will be provided with online access to interact with others in you coaching circle to ask questions, solicit input, get feedback, share resources, offer your services, and more.

Six Month Coaching Circles

These coaching circles are available for those who are eager to get started right away and delve into the Path to Performance.  In addition, the six month coaching circle provides participants with an additional three months to drill down and focus on their specific needs and issues related to the Path to Performance, and to spend time with Terry Crow in one on one coaching sessions.

Features of Six Month Coaching Circles

The six month coaching circle includes all of the many features of the three month coaching circle plus the following:

Three coaching circle accountability sessions:  You will have the opportunity to participate in three additional sessions with your group that will give you the chance to have the spotlight on you.  With the help of the group wisdom and under the direction of Terry, you will have a chance to get assistance that is specifically focused on your individual needs for personal effectiveness and transformation.  In addition, you will have the chance to develop your ability to coach, advise and guide individuals in your coaching tribe as you support them in their own transformation journeys.

Access to advanced content related to the Path to Performance that is available only to those who participate in the six month coaching circles.

Two one-on-one coaching sessions with Terry:  This feature provides you with (two) fifty minute sessions with Terry Crow.  During that time, she will work with you on specific needs and issues identified by you and zero in on ways to dramatically increase your performance and personal effectiveness.  These performance coaching sessions will be used to raise your awareness and enable responsibility that will lead to results-oriented action to maximize your performance potential.



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