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You have a PIVOTAL role to play in the success of your organization.  You are the one people look to for guidance and support in areas related to people performance.  That means you are responsible for working with managers, supervisors, leaders, and others in your organization on important matters related to performance.  It also means you have a responsibility for equipping yourself to be your best in whatever role you currently fill.

How can you accomplish this for yourself and others who depend on you for guidance and direction?  Consider the following opportunities as a place to start.

For yourself

  • Download or watch any of the free offerings available on this website.
  • Purchase a Starfish product to grow your effectiveness and competence.
  • Participate in the Starfish signature courses and workshops that interest you.
  • Read my blogs and join in the conversation.

In your role as the one responsible for performance

  •  Recommend Starfish products and services to your leaders, managers and other employees for their learning and development needs.

All of our products and services are designed to help people deliver their best at work each day.  You might find them to be the right choice for you and your organization if you can relate to any of the descriptions that follow:

Your reputation:  You want the confidence of knowing that the learning and development programs offered to people in your organization will deliver high-quality training on topics designed to improve performance.  People trust your guidance and advice, so you want to make sure your recommendations are the best ones for your organization.

Limited or no staff:  You are responsible for making sure people are prepared to deliver performance, but you can’t do it all, and you need help from a source that you can count on.  Perhaps you are even managing a department of one (HR, L&D, OD&E).  You want to find training solutions that help you and your department meet multiple demands and performance expectations.

Flexibility:  You are looking for great training that improves the performance of people, but that doesn’t require an expert such as yourself or an outside party to be present.   You are looking for maximum flexibility, so training opportunities can be made available whenever they are needed.  You are savvy enough to know that when that happens, learning can be occurring at multiple times in multiple locations, and the performance of people in your organization can skyrocket.

Budget limits:  Learning and development funds are precious. You want to make sure you maximize the available budget and get a return on performance for the investment in learning and development. You especially want the training to be value-added, and affordable.


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