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Performance in the Workplace: Play like a Super Bowl Contender

With Super Bowl XLV less than a week away, the Steelers and the Packers are no doubt psyched up and full of anticipation to see how their talent and hard work will pay off on the monumental day.  The basics of what makes a player excel remind me of what we, too, can bring to our game at work.  Here are my coaching comments for bringing Super Bowl performance in the workplace.

Play the position that capitalizes on your talents.  Each team member has a specific position to play that offers them the opportunity to perform at their individual best for the good of the team.  In the work place, that means identifying your most suited position and getting better at it.  Don’t try to be a quarterback when you were meant to be a defensive lineman.  Master your position as only you can.  For those who manage people, your job is to help people find the right position to play and coach them as they master their game.

Focus on making the most out of each play.  In football, each play contributes to the first down which in turn moves the ball down the field to set up for the touchdown or field goal.  The objective is to score and win the game, but that can only be accomplished one play at a time.  We learn and progress incrementally in our work as well. Each play counts as we work on completing that project, or satisfying the customer, or making a product.  By focusing on each play we can get into our “flow” and find joy in the sheer pleasure of playing the game.

Practice, practice, practice.   Need I say more?  Only the best of the best teams play in the Super Bowl, and they get there because of their talent and hard work.  It’s the same in our jobs.  We bring our own portfolio of strengths to work, but it takes a daily, disciplined approach and continuous practice to make the most use those talents in the workplace.  Practice keeps us growing in our performance contributions and prepares us for the really big future games we’ll be playing in.

Wow.  All this talk about the Super Bowl has made me look forward to the upcoming game on Sunday.  Hope you get energized and enthusiastic about the game of work and the critical position you play in helping the team bring home the winning ring, one game at a time.

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