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Performance with Ease (EEEs)

The new business normal environment that we as managers are operating in is creating challenges and situations we have never faced before.   That means we must depend on the talents of our team members now more than ever to come up with creative solutions that address these new issues and problems.  So, how do we maximize the performance of our team members and that of our own to meet and conquer these challenges?

One of the approaches I have found helpful is what I call Performance with EEEs. It includes specific actions for businesses to take that will help increase the engagement of employees, develop ourselves as managers and improve excellence in execution in the workplace on a daily basis. The three EEEs are:

Establish the structure
Equip managers and supervisors
Empower people for performance

Establish the Structure

This first action is about developing the strategies, systems, processes and programs that provide structure and freedom to support a high performance work environment. Structure provides the framework and establishes the rules of the game, and this step comes first. Structure also provides freedom for making decisions, taking actions and moving forward within the established framework.

Without structure, real freedom to act doesn’t exist, only the potential for chaos and certainly a lot of inefficiencies. The structure should incorporate talent strategies that reinforce organizational strategies. Structure should also include specific actions or programs that take strategies to the next level and spell out details of what, who, how and when.

Establishing the structure is essential for high performance work environments to exist in the new normal, but it is just one part of the equation. The real contributions to performance depend on the actions of people.

Equip managers and supervisors

In the new business normal, managers must learn to operate in new ways to be successful. This means that our roles must be redefined along with expectations and accountability for performance. Getting results through people will also require a new approach based on empowering people for performance which includes learning new ways to interact with them to get stellar results. Our approach and managerial style needs to be adaptive, and the command and control approach must be eliminated.

These changes will likely require development on our part to build our knowledge and experience so we can perform our jobs well and with confidence. Organizations that make the investment in the tools, resources and development will be positioning themselves for success in the new business normal. Finally, to make these changes stick, we must be willing to incorporate them as a part of how we do business and practice them in our daily management work.

Empower people for performance

This final step relates to actions that must be taken by employees and employers to empower people for maximum performance. Organizations that empower employees provide them with a “choice and a voice” in the workplace that offers them the freedom and accountability to soar in performance. Choice relates to the fundamental element of empowerment, which is individual ownership of performance. Voice relates to actual on the job performance, which serves as the voice of an employee in the workplace.

Employees who are empowered with a choice and a voice demonstrate these behaviors:

  • Take ownership and accountability for their choices, actions, behavior and work
  • Participate in the goal management process
  • Remain open to feedback and coaching and acknowledge its potential value
  • Participate fully and openly in the performance management process
  • Take ownership for personal development
  • Contribute to the team
  • Strive to be helpful to others and cultivate trust in the workplace

Organizations also have specific actions to take to empower employees for performance. For employers, this means making sure the right person is in the right job that plays to their strengths and offers them the opportunity to work in the “flow” zone. Empowering performance from the employer’s perspective also means providing employees with clear, mutually agreed upon goals, coaching and feedback, access to information, resources and tools and opportunities to learn and grow their talents.

By focusing on the three areas of Performance with EEEs, organizations can prepare themselves for the challenges of the new business normal, we as managers can perform our jobs with confidence, and employees can work in ways that tap into their greatest levels of potential.

Have you incorporated any of these approaches in your workplace? Any additional suggestions?


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