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For individuals, teams, and organizations that want to take action to increase the positive power of workplace trust.

Watch this video to learn more about Accelerate Trust and how to harness the power of workplace trust.

Now more than ever, the presence of trust in the workplace is vital for individuals and organizations to succeed and thrive.   The challenge is that trust is one of the most talked about and least understood concepts in the workplace today.

Throughout the Accelerate Trust™ Signature Course, participants will learn how to tap into the positive power of trust to grow trust, show trust, rebuild broken trust, and make better trust decisions, all of which leads to stronger  workplace performance and more productive relationships.

 The Accelerate Trust™ Signature Course includes the following resources and instructional materials:

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DVDs:  Engaging and informative, the DVD Videos cover all you need to know about trust, broken down into four parts that you can view at your convenience.  Each part covers a specific area of trust and runs approximately 30 minutes. That adds up to a total of two hours of educational, engaging and practical training.



Introduction Six minute introduction to the Accelerate Trust™ Signature Course
Part 1:  Trust Basics What trust is and why trust matters so  much in today’s workplace
Part 2:  How Trust Works Demystifying the trust process and making “just right” trust decisions


Part 3:  Rebuilding Broken Trust Broken trust in relationships and steps to rebuild broken trust
Part 4:  Trust Power Boosters Strategies for increasing trustworthiness and for demonstrating trust behaviors
How to Get the Best Results Five minute wrap-up, and suggestions  for putting what you have learned into practice


Accelerate Trust Resource Workbook:  More than just a participant workbook, it includes 29+ pages of rich information, exercises and other materials that cover the concepts of Accelerate Trust. Participants will soon discover that the Accelerate Trust Resource Workbook will serve as a “go to” source on trust for the remainder of their careers.

This Resource Workbook follows along with the material covered in the DVDs, so participants can grasp the concepts more easily and spend less time taking notes.  In addition, the exercises and other materials included in the Resource Workbook supplement the DVDs, and they can be completed and examined further in either individual or group sessions.


money-back-guarantee NO RISK TO YOU: 

All of our products at Starfish Performance Consultants come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  We want you to get great results and value, so if you are not 100% satisfied after 30 days, you will get a full refund (minus return shipping) when you return the product back to us in saleable condition. 

Accelerate Trust Signature Course Purchase Options


DVD 1, DVD 2, and (1) Resource Workbook:

$174 +$5 Shipping and handling



10 Accelerate Trust Resource Workbooks

$79 + $5 Shipping and handling



DVD1, DVD2, and (10) Resource Workbooks

$244 + $5 Shipping and handling



Step-up the Conversation™ teaches managers five fundamental steps that prepare them to confidently lead important conversations that get remarkable results.

Step-up the Conversation™, All-in-one Fundamental Course includes:

  •  5 DVDs:  Covers all you need to know about the five fundamental steps and more; watch them when you can, wherever you are
  • Step up the Conversation Workbook: Includes information, techniques and application exercises that let you go at your own speed and will serve as a foundational guide for the rest of your career as a manager

Who is this for?

  • Managers who are early in their careers and want to develop foundational skills related to engaging in important conversations, especially with people they lead
  • More experienced managers who want to sharpen their current interaction skills and learn new ways to get important work done through intentional conversations
  • Others who have an interest in learning new ways to improve their effectiveness at participating in conversations that count

What will Step-up the Conversation™ help you do?

  • Clarify what you want to accomplish during important conversations
  • Overcome barriers and initiate intentional conversations
  • Develop your ability to smoothly guide the discussion using specific techniques
  • Deliver and discuss feedback that develops awareness and shapes future behavior
  • Increase your ability to make requests, get buy-in and negotiate commitments
  • Significantly increase your influence and impact with others

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